Craighouse, Isle of Jura, PA60 7XS

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Jura Community Shop Mission Statement


•Manage and run a sustainable, profitable community owned shop, independent of grants, for the benefit of the community and visitors to the island.

•Support the social & business fabric of the island by engagement with the community, local businesses and supporting local events.

•Assist in the development of locally produced goods by working with crofters, farms and the general community.

•Reduce the environmental impact of the shop specifically and shopping by the Jura community generally.

The Shop is owned by its members.  Membership costs £1 and is really important to us because we feel that it gives even more power to the community about how the business operates.  Being a member of the company enables you to officially vote at AGMs; influence who becomes a director and get involved in big decisions.  It also helps to show funders that we have strong community support and that we are working to create a successful business that benefits everyone living on Jura.  For details of how to join contact Sarah Compton Bishop or drop into the Shop.


There is a voluntary Board of Directors who are:


Claire Fletcher - Chair

I live and work at the north end of Jura, running a family of 6 and a business.  Put simply, without a reliable shop, we couldn't live here - which is why I joined the shop Board.  I want to help ensure its survival for the long term.

Abby Beastall

I'm Abby Beastall and I moved to Jura 2 years ago with my husband and our little girl. We are both GP's and together we run the Jura Medical Practice. Having a young child and work commitments makes it really important to have a well stocked shop on the island and I am happy to be involved in this great community project and to be a part of the wonderful, welcoming and unique community of Jura.    

Andy McCallum

I believe in the shop and I want it to work. I joined the JSCIC as I thought that my experience of running a business on the island and my previous career in managing big retail accounts might be useful.


Sarah Compton-Bishop is the Community Project Administrator,

Since September 2012 I have worked with the Jura Development Trust and the Board of Jura Stores Community Interest Company to create, develop and deliver the shop project.  Now that the shop is up and running my main role is to act as the liaison point between the project and the Big Lottery Fund and HIE who fund the project..  .  I'm really excited about the shop and it's future and intend to be involved long after my paid post has come to an end.  I live at Tarbert with my partner, three children and cat.  I usually visit the shop about 3 times a week and couldn't live without my twice weekly regular deliveries!  







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